Why Anritsu?!

There are many reasons why you can be interested in a company as your future employer. Some big companies have a corporate ladder that is high as a tower. Some companies pay ridiculous money to squeeze every bit of energy and potential of you. Some pitch your interest in their industry. Some are environmentally responsible. Some provide products or services that you use. And some just have a great name. Here are a few reasons why we think Anritsu is a great employer.

We have history

This might seem so old-school…but we have 120 years history of persistence and long-term planning. This has taken Anritsu through good times and bad, while profit-driven companies focus only on short-term profits. Anritsu focuses on sustainability and constant improvement to contribute to the technological advancement for all humanity. Our history proves we successfully live “Kaizen” – the Japanese word for continuous improvement.

Work with technological leaders

Anritsu works in an environment of constant technical development. We have numerous products that support the top tech companies in their R&D efforts. Thanks to that, we are closely involved in the development of technologies years before they hit the mass market. Our present is tangibly linked to the future. That is a great privilege and great inspiration.

Mid-sized company that offers flexibility and independence

Anritsu is a global company but in its EMEA operations we feel more like a family business than a corporation. We have small teams in which each person makes a difference. We hire competent people who like to work and who have a lot of potential. People with self-motivation and drive thrive at Anritsu. There is a lot of flexibility in how we do our job and usually we tend to have a lot of different competences and complex workload. The organizational structure is flat and thus we don´t climb up but rather sideways and diagonal. It´s flexible. Thanks to our size we are not process-oriented and often our guidelines are business sense and common sense. Sure, at times more structure would be great, but every coin has two sides.

Company culture and work/life balance

Compassion, commitment, team player attitude, can-do spirit. These are just a few attributes that create our company culture. Having fun when together and showing respect to each other. It´s not always easy to work for Anritsu but the people in the organization make it worth it. As individuals and professionals, we know what to do and when to do it and that gives us the flexibility over our work schedule. It´s not endless but it´s enough to feel that we have the right balance between work life and private life.

True international cooperation

In our EMEA operations, many teams are dispersed through the region. That effectively means that while sitting in one country you might closely cooperate with team members in the UK, Germany, France, Slovakia, Italy or somewhere else. This is where you understand that the only culture or nation that matters is human and you learn to appreciate the nuances of difference. And just wait until the team meets for one reason or the other. It can really be a lot of fun.